everything you need to know

  • What happens if Driftaway Sahara gets cancelled or postponed due to Covid?

    All bookings are 100% Covid-secure. If the event gets cancelled, you’ll receive 100% refund of your ticket price. If the event gets postponed, you’ll have a 2 week window from the date you are informed to apply for your 100% refund of your ticket and then after that your ticket will be automatically transferred to the new date.
  • Do I need a visa to enter Morocco?

    If you hold a passport from the UK or any EU country then you do not need a visa to enter Morocco for less than 90 days. Please visit your Government website for further information if you are travelling from any other country.
  • Is my travel insurance included?

    Travel insurance is not included in your ticket package. Please ensure that you have this in place prior to leaving for Morocco, especially if you plan on taking part in adventure activities.
  • Can I book with my friends?

    Absolutely, we encourage it! You can book rooms of up to 4 people online and can split the basket with them at checkout - you’ll need each of their email addresses to do so. For large group booking we’d advise booking sooner rather than later as room size can be limited.
  • What if I’m travelling with a group larger than 4?

    You can still book on as a group, however you’ll have to select packages that work for you. For example, if there are 7 in your group, you’d select a triple room and a quad room then split the basket at checkout with the rest of your group.
  • Do I have to pay the full amount upfront?

    Nope! You can pay a £20 deposit (£25 if you’re booking private) to secure your place and then the balance will be split over the remaining months and will leave your bank on the same day each month via direct debit. You can of course pay the full amount upfront if you like.
  • What benefits do I get from booking early?

    By booking early you not only get your first choice of room size but the first 100 people also get free hotel upgrades for your stays in Marrakech! You also have a longer period to split your payment instalments over which, makes managing your funds that little bit easier.
  • If I’ve booked a package for more than 1 person, will our room be private?

    All your hotel accommodation will be private yes, so if you have booked a 3 person package you will receive a triple room. However, during our stay in the Sahara this is a lot more relaxed so accommodation will not be private. There will be private toilets & showers available though.
  • How do I get my Driftaway Sahara multi-event entry wristband?

    Members of the Driftaway team will be at the airport throughout the day on April 5th to welcome you all to Morocco. Please ensure you have your tickets with the bar code to hand as you enter the arrivals area. The lead booker will need photographic ID that matches the name on the ticket. You’ll have your ticket scanned and be shown to your transport. We will also have team members at the hotels to greet you if decide to travel to Morocco earlier. Please DM one of our social pages or email moc.dlrowyawatfird%40ofni nearer to the event and we can tell you what hotel you’ll need to make your way to.
  • What happens if I lose my event wristband?

    Event wristbands can only be issued once, so please make sure you look after them. If for whatever reason it gets damaged, please hold on to it and speak to a member of the Driftaway team straight away.
  • When is the best time to book my flights?

    There are several flight options available from major UK airports with more being added each week as airlines begin to resume normal operations to Morocco. We would always advise on booking as soon as you find a flight that is suitable for you to avoid them increasing in price or selling out. Certain airlines are currently offering flexible tickets so customers can book with confidence.
  • Do I need to have cash & if so are there cash machines available?

    For certain parts of the trip you will need Moroccan Dirham or a bank card that works abroad. For the Sahara & pool party parts of the trip, you’ll be able to pay for drinks using our contactless wristband which you can top up prior to arriving in Morocco or at any time during the event when you have data or access to wifi. Cash machines and currency exchange will be available in Marrakech and at the airport but please do not leave it until last minute to access either.
  • Will I have access to WiFi throughout the event?

    Hotels will provide free wifi in public areas however whilst travelling and in the Sahara, there will be no wifi access.
  • Can I use my English mobile in Morocco?

    In most instances yes, most services including calls & data will work however the associated costs will entirely depend on your provider so please check with them before you leave. If you’d like to use a Moroccan SIM card whilst out there instead, please ensure your phone is unlocked.
  • Can I arrive earlier and stay for longer than the event dates?

    Many of our attendees tend to do this. You would have to arrange for your additional accommodation separately and sort transfers from the airport but you are more than welcome to stay for as long as you like.
  • How old do you have to be to attend Driftaway Sahara?

    All Driftaway events are currently 18+ and we may ask for valid photo ID such as driving licence or passport at any point throughout the event.
  • Are there any restricted items?

    Obviously all items that are restricted on flights cannot be brought to a Driftaway event. All narcotics, legal highs and non-prescription drugs are strictly prohibited. Anyone found in possession of the aforementioned will be immediately removed from the trip and could face imprisonment due to the strict drug laws in Morocco. Please click here to read up on Morocco’s local laws and customs.
  • What type of luggage do you recommend?

    As a main feature of a Driftaway event is travel we’d advise that you bring appropriate luggage. We’ll be venturing into the Sahara desert so luggage that cannot be easily carried or suitcases with wheels are not suitable. If you plan on bringing a larger bag, we’d advise bringing a smaller one to use during the 2 night Sahara stay part of the event.
  • How much travelling is involved once we arrive?

    Travelling is one of the best parts of our event and as such we will exploring a number of unique destinations along the way the ensure you all get the most out of your time there. It will provide the opportunity to appreciate the insane scenery the country has to offer. The journey from Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains is a stunning one and will take a few hours plus pit stops. The following day from Atlas Mountains to the Sahara will again take a few hours plus pit stops. After our 2 night Sahara stay the journey back to Marrakech for our final night will take roughly 8-9 hours plus stops. If you get travel sick please plan in advance and ensure you have travel sickness tablets and plenty of water - the roads Morocco are quite windy.
  • Are there opportunities to appreciate the scenery and take photos?

    Absolutely! You will have the chance to explore Marrakech and we’ll also take regular stops whilst travelling for you to take in the scenery. Morocco is one of the most Instagrammable countries there is and we’ll make sure you have plenty of opportunities to keep your feed fresh.
  • How do I top-up my cashless wristband?

    All info on this will be landing soon and we’ll send an email to all ticket holders on the process well in advance of the event.
  • What music can I expect at Driftaway Sahara?

    All Driftaway events are music driven with soundtracks provided by some of the best independent brands & DJs in the UK. You can expect everything from House and DNB through to Disco, Funk & Authentic Moroccan sounds.
  • What drinks will be available throughout the event?

    In the hotels, bar & club, the available drinks will be at the discretion of the establishment or venue. In the Sahara and at our pool party, there will be a selection of beers, basic cocktails, spirits and soft drinks. Please note, that alcohol prices significantly vary in Morocco so please always double checks prices prior to ordering to avoid paying more than you expected.
  • What additional activities are available and how much will they cost?

    We are finalising all additional activities and will be releasing them online very soon. All ticket holders will receive an email with the opportunity to add them to their package at a discounted rate compared to what you’d pay if booking during the event. Camel Trekking, Sand Boarding, Instagrammable Tours and Desert Yoga are all included in your ticket price. Whilst they are exceptionally well looked after, we do not endorse or support Camel Riding so we’d ask that you only lead and walk with them.
  • Will there be vegetarian or vegan food options available?

    There will be vegetarian and vegan breakfast options available each morning and vegetarian and vegan dinner options available on 3 of the nights. There will also be opportunity for you to get your own food and an array of incredible local cuisine on offer for you to dive into.
  • Will there be access to drinking water?

  • Can I purchase and bring my own alcohol to events?

  • How do I safely store valuables?

    We would advise not bringing any valuables with you to Driftaway Sahara. If you must, please use any safety deposit boxes provided by hotels or keep them safely on your person at all times. Please be aware of pickpockets whilst walking around, specifically in Marrakech. Driftaway cannot be held responsible for the loss of any valuables or personal possessions although we will do our utmost to help you find them in the event they are lost.
  • How hot will it be?

    The temperature in September can reach highs of 30 degrees, often higher, so please ensure you bring sunscreen with a high factor and SPF rating. Temperatures, especially in the Sahara, can get a bit chilly at night so bring some warm clothing and a coat just in case.
  • Do I need to bring bedding or towels?

    Bedding and towels will be provided by all hotels and at our Sahara desert camp. if you want to bring an additional towel for the pool party, you are more than welcome to.
  • What is the time difference between UK and Morocco?

    Morocco is 1 hour ahead of the UK. If you are travelling from another destination, please check online prior to travelling.
  • What happens if I get injured?

    There will be stewards plus Driftaway staff on hand at all times to supervise and help in any way they can. If hospital treatment is needed then we’ll assist in ensuring you get there as quickly and as safely as possible. Please ensure you have travel insurance in place before travelling.
  • What is the situation with COVID-19 in Morocco?

    We are working with the official Moroccan Tourism office to ensure we have up to date information, and have been informed Covid-19 in the country is on the decline thanks to steps taken by the Government. All info can be found here.
  • Can I sell tickets for Driftaway Sahara?

    Yes of course, we are always looking for party starters and adventurers to join our family. Please either DM us on Facebook or Instagram or email moc.dlrowyawatfird%40ofni and a member of our team will get back to you with more info.
  • If I bought tickets and can no longer attend, can I transfer them to someone else?

    You are able to transfer a booking over to someone else and change names on a booking, but it will cost between £10-£30 to do so. Please click here for more info.